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This is a general purpose forum for all NetBSD users, regardless of platform. As a large number of subscribers receive this list, please use your good judgement when posting. Questions or comments about the maintenance or design of NetBSD itself, as opposed to issues related to using NetBSD, aren't appropriate to this list, and are better voiced in a more narrowly focused technical list. 5811 27918
by Matt Sporleder
This is a forum for all people using an up-to-date version of the NetBSD-current source tree. It is a good forum for talking about `gotchas' in the tree. Since the NetBSD-current tree is a quickly moving target, please confirm any problems with the latest tree before posting. 14884 44076
This list provides a general help forum where users can ask questions. 866 2772
by philo_neo
This mailing list is for news about NetBSD, including from third parties. 22 22
by Christoph Badura
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by Ryota Ozaki-2
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by Pierre Pronchery-2
This is a forum for discussing issues related to Java on NetBSD. 48 144
by Charles L. Nelson
This mailing list is for job advertisements relevant to NetBSD users and developers. 52 53
by S.P.Zeidler-3
This mailing list is for announcements about NetBSD. 400 406
by Thor Lancelot Simon-...
This mailing list is where you can discuss bugs in NetBSD. All NetBSD bug reports sent with send-pr(1) appear here. 40634 68767
by matthias
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by Valery Ushakov
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by leot
This mailing list is for open discussion on how to promote the project. 749 1227
by Jun Ebihara
Sub-Forums: pkgsrc-bulk pkgsrc-bugs
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by Joyent Packages Deve...